​Rita R., Niantic, Connecticut
"I had a mediumship reading and it was fascinating and powerful. My husband came through and I knew Cindy connected with him when she stated he said: ‘There’s my girl!’ and spoke of our love of dancing. Cindy shared evidence that only I would know and this evidence was straightforward, reflective, and amazing. The tone of her voice and the words she used when channeling my husband described him – thoughtful, sensitive, optimistic, and encouraging. Evidential information came through Cindy about each of my adult children and a granddaughter. Through Cindy, my husband told me about my role in an issue that had not yet happened. I was to continue to nurture, but also support and guide one of my children on a much deeper level. After hearing my husband’s words, I felt thoughtful, decisive, and determined. Shortly after my reading, my daughter was forced to leave her home for fear of her life. She moved to my home, grew strong in her resolve, and returned to the capable and resilient woman she was before her troubles. My daughter is now employed; settled in her own home; and has peace, happiness, and joy in her life.

A session with Cindy is something to experience. Cindy is amazing. I definitely recommend her for a reading."


Ai Suzuki, MD, MPH, Japan
I had a past-life regression with Cindy. She is a trustworthy and sincere person and my regression with her was excellent and loving. Cindy works for others wholeheartedly. You will be surprised how deeply she cares about you beyond time and geographic distance. She is an extraordinary person who sees others as a whole. I highly recommend Cindy as a strong supporter for your healing and journey of life.”

Sharon H., Somerset, Massachusetts
“I had a double-session mediumship reading with Cindy and it was powerful, awe-inspiring, and excellent. The evidence she presented was phenomenal and conclusive. Many times throughout the reading, I was moved to tears. My grandmother, father, mother, and daughter all came through, as well as my guide. My guide was gentle and kind and shared very helpful information through Cindy from an empathetic and loving perspective.

When Cindy shared that my unborn daughter was present and spoke of the circumstances within which she passed, I was overwhelmed with emotion. When I heard the words ‘I’m Elizabeth and I’m pretty’ it was clear that Cindy was in touch with my daughter. Elizabeth is the name I gave her but no one knew this, only me. Cindy described her features, the color of her hair, the expression on her face, and her personality. Cindy also described her gentle and sweet nature. Through Cindy, my daughter explained why she could not remain with me. Now, knowing these reasons, I have been greatly comforted. Knowing Elizabeth is with me everyday has brought me such joy.

Through Cindy, Elizabeth spoke about a number of family situations and issues known by few. Elizabeth also sent a message to her now 24 year-old brother to let him know she is always with him and to remind him they have been together over many lives. When I shared this story with my son, he smiled and told me of his recurring dreams when he was a young boy. My son described a little girl with the same color hair of Elizabeth’s and he told me how they would play together in his dreams. My son said these dreams made him happy during a time when there was unhappiness at home. I know hearing about Elizabeth has had a profound effect on him.

Cindy has truly changed my life. I have such a positive outlook and feel so peaceful, loved, and optimistic. Cindy is a gentle and compassionate person who is a gifted evidential medium. I have had many readings over the years and this reading was the most detailed, accurate, and powerful one by far. I have recommended Cindy to many people… and will continue to do so.”

Mukta Rastogi, Mumbai, India
“I had a past life regression and a mediumship reading with Cindy. She is a kind, compassionate, and warm-hearted person. She is also intuitive, honest, sensitive, and sympathetic. My past life regression was powerful. At the end of my regression, the spirits who communicated with me through Cindy included my father (who had recently passed) and a new spirit guide. My father’s energy and communication that came through Cindy reflected his personality that was calm, gentle, and loving. The evidence Cindy presented was excellent and reflective. Following my past life regression and reading with Cindy, I felt energetic, self-confident, and powerful. I also felt calm, comforted, warmhearted, and loved.

I definitely recommend Cindy, without reservation.”

MP, Boston, Massachusetts
“Cindy’s loving and caring demeanor put me at ease immediately at the start of my reading. She quickly zeroed in on my questions and concerns, some of which I had not even articulated. She connected with my spirit guides quite effortlessly and provided me with very specific details. Cindy shared specific evidence that enabled me to immediately recognize which of my deceased loved ones were present and communicating through her. My dad came through and his guidance was very useful. Cindy also helped me to realize that certain deceased loved ones are actually always here with me. This was very comforting. After the reading l felt calmer and more at peace with the concerns and questions I asked Cindy about during the reading.

Because Cindy is both a gifted medium and seasoned clinical social worker, she integrates her counseling skills with her mediumship abilities, creating a profoundly therapeutic experience on many levels. I would highly recommend Cindy to anyone wishing to connect with their deceased loved ones or other spirit guides.

P.S. I have had readings with Bob Olsen’s (a researcher of mediums and psychics) most highly tested and recommended mediums. Cindy is MUCH better and much less expensive. I have had several phone readings from Cindy since my initial in-person reading and she is always spot-on. You will not be disappointed!”

Ellen Gilmore, Brookline Massachusetts
“My mother died of cancer when I was only six years old. My world fell apart. My father loved her madly. Now he had a 2-year old, 4-year old, and 6-year old to raise on his own and he didn't think he could do it. My father moved us all into his mother’s home. He and my aunt decided it would be better for the children not to cling to memories of their mother and they convinced the rest of the family of this. So, we grew up not remembering my mother. My father remarried 7 years later to a woman we all grew to love. I had been a very lively, mischievous, independent child, but that ended with my mom’s death. I became a dutiful, quiet, and cautious child. I felt abandoned and I missed my mother’s presence and love.

I met with Cindy for a regression to a childhood memory. After getting into a deep state of relaxation, I saw myself at 3-months old bundled in a soft blanket looking up at my mother. Then, I saw myself at 10-months old sitting in my high chair as my mother held a spoon up toward my mouth and lovingly urged me to eat. Both of these images could have been triggered from photographs I have but the amazing part was how I felt. As a 3-month old, my mother’s tender expression as she watched me made me feel as though I was the center of her universe and queen of the world. I felt this emotion. I felt secure and very much loved.

My entire life, I have been trying to recover the boldness and resourcefulness I used to have. That regression to 3 months old gave me the basis on which to build a self-image that includes the strengths I was required to hide for such a long time. Cindy helped me restore my favorite parts of me. Immediately following this regression, I felt more confident, motivated, and disciplined. Now I am calm and happy. 

I feel illuminated. I feel joy.

My session with Cindy was excellent. I recommend her without any reservation.”


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