“I had a past life regression and a mediumship reading with Cindy. She is a kind, compassionate, and warm-hearted person. She is also intuitive, honest, sensitive, and sympathetic. My past life regression was powerful. At the end of my regression, the spirits who communicated with me through Cindy included my father (who had recently passed) and a new spirit guide. My father’s energy and communication that came through Cindy reflected his personality that was calm, gentle, and loving. The evidence Cindy presented was excellent and reflective. Following my past life regression and reading with Cindy, I felt energetic, self-confident, and powerful. I also felt calm, comforted, warmhearted, and loved. 

I definitely recommend Cindy, without reservation.”

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We are multi-leveled conscious beings with many levels of awareness, actively at play at any given moment in time. Past life therapy helps us to understand more deeply the mind-body-spirit connection and how we, as evolving souls, are responsible for creating our universe for our own spiritual growth.

By appointment only.


1101 Beacon Street, Suite 7W

Brookline, MA 02446

Boston-based for in-person appointments. 
​Available via phone for Session 1.

​Retrieving past life memories and experiencing higher consciousness, transformation, and healing will pave the way for increased happiness and wholeness. For regressions to early childhood or past lives, three sessions are required.

Session 1:
Information will be gathered related to your family of origin; adult life history including marriages, children, divorce, job history, educational background; experiences; and a history of your physical health. ​I will discuss an induction technique called progressive relaxation (not hypnosis ​or trance – only deep relaxation) ​and ​answer any questions you may have.

​Session 2: Using the progressive relaxation technique, I will guide you to a deep ​state of relaxation that will take you on a journey where you will discover extraordinary details about your past. You will learn the purpose ​of these experiences, the lessons learned in that life, and how you may apply those ​lessons in your current life. You will ​be filled with love, understanding, and compassion that will enable you to transform your life by releasing any negative energy, worries, ​fears, anxieties, or phobias from that life.

Session 3: Follow-up to discuss any additional questions that may arise following Session 2.

Session 1 may be via phone. (30 minutes)    

Session 2 is held in the office only. (60 minutes)

Session 3 may be via phone. (15 minutes)



 I have been professionally trained and certified by Brian L. Weiss, MD  & Carole K. Weiss, MSW, CHt ~ The Weiss Institute ~ as a Past Life  Regression Therapist. For a list of many of Dr. Weiss' books, see the  section labeled "Books & Music" and page for Reincarnation & NDE.

Mukta Rastogi, Mumbai, India