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Being present with these individuals during their spiritual journeys as they passed from this life to the other side, and hearing their thoughts at the final moments during their crossing, guided me to the work of helping others ​using ​the gift of mediumship. 

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I am an Evidential Medium.

The professional path that led me to this place includes work as a litigation graphic designer, creative director, clinical hospice social worker and a director of social work and hospice & palliative care program. 

Whew! What a long road from "there to here."

For many years, I saw spirits and knew they were around not just me but all of us. Twice, an angel appeared to me and telepathically shared "We are waiting for the chapters" for a book I was planning to write but had not yet started.

A few nights before my mother crossed over, many loving spirits surrounded her as we sat in her living room talking about our plans for the new year that had just begun.

Over the past 10 years, I have provided psychosocial and spiritual support to more than 750 hospice patients and their loved ones (living in Boston and surrounding communities) throughout the process of dying and death.